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Our Friends & Colleagues Affiliate Program is a simple 20%-4%-1% commission structure, with only three levels:

  1. Top Affiliate (you or your clinic)
  2. - 1st Sub-Affiliate (your friends or colleagues that you sign up)
  3. - 2nd Sub-Affiliate (their friends or colleagues that they sign up)

Top Affiliate (you) make 20% commission of the retail sales from your Virtual Showroom (VSR), then you make 4% of the 1st Sub-Affiliate’s commission (people you sign-up), and then you make 1% of the 2nd Sub-Affiliate’s commission (people your friends and colleagues sign-up).

Anyone that signs-up a friend or colleague, becomes their top affiliate, making 4% of their retail sales, and 1% of their 2nd sub-affiliates retail sales, and so on.

Here's How It Looks:

VSR commision structure

thumbsup Affiliates Features

You as a top affiliate can manage your sub-affiliates in your own easy-to-use dashboard, where you can review and approve/decline your sub-affiliates, view their performance and communicate with them.

thumbsup Tracking features

Our Affiliate Dashboard gives you powerful tracking software with multiple unique tracking features. Tracking is most important feature of every affiliate software and we give you visitor tracking with state-of-the-art tracking methods like flash cookie tracking or direct link tracking.

thumbsup Tracking Methods

Implement multiple unique tracking methods, which results in the most accurate affiliate tracking software on the market.

thumbsup Direct Links Tracking

Direct link click tracking is an advanced feature that you will not find in other affiliate systems.

thumbsup Fraud Protection

Protect your affiliate program against fraudulent transactions.

thumbsup Sub-Affiliate Tracking

Allows you and your sub-affiliates to use advanced traffic tracking methods. This is sometimes called SubId or Sub-affiliate tracking, or Ad channel tracking, and is used to know exactly which of your promotional efforts are paying- off and which are not.

thumbsup Custom Affiliate Tracking Codes

Allows you and your sub-affiliates to track sales using your own customized tracking systems.

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